Humberto Brenes – Biography and Tournament Results

Humberto Brenes

Humberto Brenes

Humberto Brenes is a prodigy, always contrast bright, provocatively dressed poker player and at the same time a successful businessman. According to journalists poker allowed him to become the owner of the TVs, real estate agencies, design bureau, restaurants, companies engaged in the production of coffee and chocolate, and more.

But first things first. He was born in 1951 in Costa Rica. He still does not speak English very confidently, preferring to shift the role of an interpreter to his brother – also famous poker player. As a child, Humberto peeped at how his father’s friends played and thus learned to play (at the age of 7!).

But the glory of the great players is still far away. First Umberto received “real” specialty at the Costa Rican University. Outstanding player got a degree in Industrial engineering. Then future master started his gaming career with playing two simple games. These were baccarat and craps, and once talented young man won 377 000 at craps tournament.

But when changeable fortune ceased to bring him easy money, Umberto wondered whether he was able to beat card players? Having found no clear answer, he got involved in first poker tournaments. He changed his creeds and became a poker player.

His first not very good tournament was in 1974. After 14 years he became a steady tournament player and reached his first final table at the WSOP (abbreviation of complex name of the most prominent poker competitions World Series of Poker). He took the 4th place and more than 83 thousand dollars.

Humberto Brenes won two WSOP bracelets. They put in appearance at the 1993 WSOP in Pot Limit Omaha and Limit Texas hold ’em. He made three World Poker Tour final tables. Moreover, at the World Series of Poker in total Brenes won money prizes 72 times.

In 2002 he won World Poker Open (Jack Binion) and $ 502 460. In January and June 2011 this child of fortune took part in the PCA No Limit Hold’em with prizes of $200 000 and 42 857. He is also one of the PokerStars Team, and his nickname is HumbertoB.

Total sum of Humberto’s winnings is breathtaking 6 136 687 with the maximum gain of 923 475 (In total he was 196 times a prizetaker). Among other players he stands out by his appearance. He’s got a toy shark as a card protector. Sharks are old hobby of Umberto, he is even involved in the project for sharks protection in Costa Rica. If we add two pairs of glasses and singing during hands, his image will be completed.

Currently Brenes with his family lives in Miami Lakes, Florida, USA and in San Jose, Costa Rica.

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